New Year Story Dig

What is a Story Dig?

New Year Story Dig is a 60 minute exercise you can do at home or with your team. Dig into the positive stories and feelings of the past year and learn how to create more of them in the year to come.

Imagine if you could take the very best experiences of your past year: the times you felt most fulfilled, most successful, most appreciated, most loved, most on your game? And then use them to create the conditions for more next year?

That’s the thinking behind Moya Sayer-Jones’s New Year Story Dig. She designed it as a story coaching tool and it was so loved that she started doing it herself. Now Moya has adapted it for you as a simple but insightful process you can do every year. It’s simple, heartwarming and revealing. 


Use this fun and illuminating process at home or with your team - you’ll be surprised by what you will learn about yourself, what makes you tick and what you need.


Ready to Dig Into Your Story?

And transform the way you view yourself, your possibilities and what's ahead?



Uncover the Power of Your Year with Story Dig!

Story Dig is your perfect companion if you're looking to reflect deeply on your past year and harness the positive to shape a brighter future.


Who Can Benefit?

Story Dig is ideal for adventurous professionals, curious creatives,  happy teams, in fact,  humans of all varieties - anyone looking to build on what's working. It's an excellent tool for personal growth, goal setting, and understanding the narratives that shape our lives. Use it at home with family and friends too.

Everything you need to get story digging now.

The Story Dig kit includes the guide, complete with a personal explainer video from Moya and templates that you can make your own. It flies straight into your inbox so you can get exploring today.


Rediscover the best feelings of your year.

They’re usually the ones we forget first - in fact, humans are built that way. Good stories slide from our memory like teflon, bad stories have a velcro quality.

Learn how they happened.

Get a clear view of the common factors in your positive experiences and imagine how to invite more of these magic factors in the future.

Actively design for more.

You're not just hoping for a better 2024, you have the power to actively shape it and make space for more feelings like this every day.


And remember ...

You can use the Story Dig process anytime, not just at New Year. It’s a terrific way to get new perspectives on bringing positive feelings into your life anytime. Professionally you can adapt Story Dig as an active reflection tool including when contemplating a career change, facilitating a lively team or end of project assessment review.

Your Stories Are Your Best Teachers