The Sweet Spot

Nourish team relationships, build story skills and fuel your mission - all at the same time!

The Sweet Spot is a new way to bring more meaning, motivation and joy to how your team works together.

Use online or face-to-face.

Just one small, weekly ritual for everyone to look forward to.

Bring your team closer
in a quick and easy
but purposeful way.

Focus on what’s
going right, not what’s
going wrong.

Spice up a work week,
 boost energy and start hearing the stories that prove your impact and value.

Only Human Stories

“Sometimes the Sweet Spot is the reflective spot where I can share things that challenged me in the week and it feels safe because I feel my team mates wrapping around me. Despite that we always seem to find that one thing to smile about or we laugh at ourselves and I always walk away with a smile on my face”

Team Manager, Department of Internal Affairs NZ