Build your reputation. Sell your mission. Bring your people closer.

 Story Huddle


Confidently draw out the stories that prove your impact and inspire action

A simple story gathering system for NFP leaders and organisations.

Let's Huddle!

You’re a passionate leader in a purpose driven organisation.

You’re here to make change but right now:

  • You’re struggling to drive performance and prove the value and heart of your work.
  • You and your team are busy! You're like ships in the night - time to  stop, reflect and connect are rare. 
  • You want to build capacity and connection for yourself and your team...and share the stories that prove it's all worth it.

And maybe you’ve tried:

  • Asking your teams to share their experiences and insights  but nothing comes back.
  • Bringing in an expert to gather stories that you can use everyday but that's expensive and not sustainable.
  • You've tried a variety of trainings to build capacity and storytelling skills but there's been no sustained change.

WE HAVE A SIMPLE SOLUTION (that actually works and is fun!)


 After 20 years of experience helping our clients capture and tell their real stories, we have created an easy to follow, enjoyable system for leaders who want to motivate their teams and start drawing upon fresh and emotive stories in as little as an hour a month. 

As Moya always says...

Stories aren’t hard to find, they’re just easy to overlook.

Benefits of story-sharing for leaders and teams

  • Nourish team relationships and increase understanding
  • Find the stories you need to prove (and promote) your work 
  • Protect well-being with a happier and more generous culture 
  • Attract new employees and engage them from the beginning
  • Boost team performance and commitment to best practice 
  • Reduce the loneliness of remote workers and teams  
  • Break down knowledge silos and team segregation
  • Unleash the collective knowledge 

Benefits of story-sharing for organisations

  • Increase brand awareness and build reputation
  • Create resonant, impactful content to easily re-purpose across all your platforms and collateral.
  • Create a fresh source of stories to prove your impact and value to decision makers, funders, donors, potential partners
  • Watch funding and support soar when others can fully feel and understand your work
  • Nurture a culture of continuous learning and improvement
Only Human Stories 900 sqr


  • Having an endless pool of stories for media, stakeholders, social media and community.
  • Knowing your team feel valued, heard and included through the stories they share.
  • Feeling confident your stories will communicate the true value and spirit of your organisation - inside and out.
  • Growing your own story skills as a leader naturally.
  • And our own personal favourite - finding the richness and value of the work you do together.

This is all possible with…

 Story Huddle


   Learn our unique story-sharing method to engage your team, build reputation, drive organisational impact.

...and did we mention all this can happen in just one hour a month?!


"I see our staff sharing the stories of their work in an open and positive way. We’re all learning from huddling and I’m seeing the impact grow over time and in unexpected areas."

Tracy Phillips, Executive Officer, Bonnie Support Service

Here’s what you'll learn in this course:

Only HUman 600 Huddle

What's a story, anyway?

By the end of this module: You will discover the unique and powerful resource that’s waiting for you - a goldmine of your stories that prove your value to the world. And bring your team closer and stronger.

Module One Covers:

  • How great stories work. What's a story, what's not and why it makes all the difference.

  • Learn the essential ingredients for great storytelling. And share some of your own. 
  • Story audit: how story ready is your organisation? A self-assessment.
Only HUman 600 Huddle (2)

How to Story Huddle

By the end of this module: You and your team will be expert huddlers and story champions.

Module two Covers:

  • How to Story Huddle: Follow this easy step by step process.
  • Essential story and 21st century communication skills.
  • Demonstrations, FAQ's and resources. 
  • Learn how to use the stories to boost performance and reputation.  

Only HUman 600 Huddle (3)

Creating the Space 

By the end of this module: You’ll know how to create irresistible ‘spaces’ where your teams can leave their agendas and distractions behind and get to ready to huddle.

Module Three Covers:

  • The 5 essentials to create a space where all stories are welcomed and appreciated.
  • What it takes to be a great huddle host - and what to avoid.
  • The Huddle Values: essential to ensure safe and inclusive environment.
  • Your Huddle Planning Tool.
Only HUman 600 Huddle (4)

Keep It Going

By the end of this module: You'll have useful tools to manage the roll-out and keep your Huddles forever storyful!

Module Four & Five Covers:

  • Ensure ongoing engagement.
  • Different ways to use the Huddle.
  • Story Bank template.
  • Story themes and prompts. 
  • Troubleshooting and video answers to FAQ’s.
OH-Stories-2021-Courses-huddle The Story Huddle AUD 333.00 (+ 10% GST)

“I’ve had an opportunity to get to know my workmates more closely. It’s opened a greater level of respect for our diversity and difference in characters.”

LAC, Uniting (NSW)

Only Human Stories

“The feedback that I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. Working with Moya has helped the team bring their stories to life.”

Co-ordinator, Ability Links (NSW)

Inside Story Huddle you'll get...

Online Course Access with 5 Training Modules

1 Downloadable Story Huddle Workbook for your Team

Training Videos to Make you the Master of your Story Huddle 

Story Bank templates, Story Prompts and Worksheets

Moya Sayer Jones

Hi I’m Moya,

Story Expert. Idea Generator. Writer. Brand Problem Solver.

I was a best selling comic novelist and screenwriter when I founded Only Human Stories in 2005. Since then, I've worked with hundreds of amazing visionary organisations in Australia and New Zealand including Uniting, Cancer Council of NSW, DIA (NZ), Volunteering Victoria and so many more.

 Your investment to learn how to Story Huddle 




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People love to ask these 4 questions about The Huddle course:

How long will this course take?

It depends on how you use it. The videos and materials are designed to fit busy schedules. You can get up to speed with everything you need to know about the basics of Story Huddling in under 2 hours (and that includes one short coffee break!) But there's loads more depth to discover if you make your way through all the modules. You can become a total Story Huddle expert in 4 short sessions.

How successful can storytelling be if we’re working remotely?

Be ready to be amazed! It’s not where you are, it’s how you listen. We designed the Story Huddle specifically to support remote working and teams in different locations. Once everyone learns the Huddle Habits, they can take their story huddles anywhere - virtually or face-to-face.

What happens if I need more help?

You can always email us your questions and queries regarding story, our work and our programs. Also Moya is available for online consults and any further personalised help you need.

What is your refund policy?

If you aren't satisfied within 7 days of starting the course, send us your completed workbooks, show us that you've worked through the material properly and let us know where you are stuck and we'll offer you a refund. Otherwise our terms of sale are that we offer no refunds on digital products.

Here’s what happens after you say YES!

Step 1. You receive an email with your log in details
Step 2. Log in and get started

"I learned how to listen, how to ask questions and how to find moving and engaging stories.

I also learnt how to find the gold and let it shine."

Lindy Allen, Executive Director of Regional Arts Australia

"We huddle most meeting and this has been a great insight as to how it can bring a team together and learn. It was very interesting and I liked the video clips. Doing the exercises really helped plan out the story for a strong delivery. " 

Lynne Depree, Support Worker